Script Index

Here is a script index. Hopefully, these are of use to some folks. They have been of use to me.

Nutanix Scripts

Azure Scripts

Citrix Scripts

  • CheckBrokerService.ps1. Checks the Citrix Broker Desktop Service is started after the predefined sleep time. Uses as a Startup Script.
  • CreateDesktopsForVDAs.ps1. Creates a Tag per VDA and Creates a dedicated desktop to launch only against that Tag.
  • EnableSSL.ps1. Handles the assignment of certificates required for both Citrix Brokers and Citrix Cloud Connectors as well as enabling or disabling HTTP based XML Access.
  • GetUserSessions.ps1. Script to hunt for sessions based on StoreFront launch points.
  • PreFetchStartApps.ps1. Startup Script to deal with Application pre-launch at machine startup.
  • WeeklyRebootSchedulesByTag.ps1. Creates a Tag driven daily reboot schedule using BrokerRebootScheduleV2 schedules.
  • MigrateDedicatedMachines.ps1. Migrates persistent VMs (including MCS provisioned) to a different CVAD Site and retains all power management.
  • MigrateDedicatedMachinesDaaS.ps1. Migrates persistent VMs (including MCS provisioned) to aCitrix Cloud DaaS tenant and retains all power management.
  • MigrateMCSToManual.ps1. Migrates Dedicated MCS provisioned machines to a manual provisioned catalog and delivery group and retains power management.
  • SwitchAzureHostingConnections.ps1. Switches Hypervisor connection objects in Azure to support ASR based failovers for dedicated/Persistent virtual machines.
  • Misc Migration Scripts. Export and Import functionality for common Citrix items.
  • RestartWEMServices.ps1. Startup script that stops and starts WEM services and forces a cache refresh.
  • ConvertIdentityDisks.ps1. Loops through a list of Azure subscriptions searching for Citrix Identity Disks and attempts to convert them to the specified Disk Sku. Info
  • CreateOSSnapshot.ps1. Creates an Azure OS Disk snapshot for Citrix MCS use based on a provided VM name.
  • EnableAcceleratedNetworking.ps1. Loops through a list of Azure Resource Groups and Subscriptions, searching for network interfaces that are not enabled for accelerated networking. Info
  • EnableManagedIdentity.ps1. Loops through a list of Azure Resource Groups and Subscriptions, grabs the virtual machines and assigns a UserAssigned managed identity. Info
  • UpdateMCSCatalogViaAPI.ps1. Updates a Citrix Cloud MCS catalog with an Azure image via API.
  • WEMSelectiveActionTrackingReset.ps1. A simple Powershell script to manage the registry caching of tracked WEM actions. Info
  • QuickCatalogUpdate.ps1. A small PowerShell script using the Citrix DaaS and CVAD Rest API to update Nutanix based MCS Catalogs.

Misc EUC Scripts

  • SetShellFolderDefaults.ps1. Script to reset the shell folder keys associated with folder redirections. Idea is to avoid having to use GPO to force data back to default locations (avoid CSE processing).

  • DistributeContainerShares.ps1. Builds on the work of Ryan Revord to order FSLogix Share locations by available space.
  • GetContainerSizes.ps1. List and export container sizes from a share.

BIS-F Sealing Scripts