Getting To Know FSLogix Containers

FSLogix provides a fantastic set of features and capabilities across its relatively unique product set, particularly for those of us that live in a VDI or SBC world. I am going to have a quick look at the profile container and 365 container options and how they fit together to provide a pretty great experience... Continue Reading →

Citrix WEM on Windows Server Core

With the release of Citrix Workspace Environment Management 4.5, we now have the ability to run the entire WEM infrastructure on Windows Server Core. This is an awesome step forward by Citrix and hopefully the first of many products to be supported in this fashion. There have of course, been plenty of instances of people... Continue Reading →

WEM Upgrade Process

With the latest release of WEM 4.5, I figured I would take the chance to document a how to guide on upgrading the WEM Components in the safest fashion It is critical that you disable Mirroring of the Database prior to any WEM upgrades Step 1. Backup your Environment A simple SQL backup job is... Continue Reading →

WEM Documentation Script Update

A little while ago I put together a script (with the help of George Spiers) to help fill the lack of ability to Document a Citrix Workspace Environment Management deployment George, was kind of enough to post this on his blog here, and the source code can be found here in my github repository I... Continue Reading →

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