Citrix UPM and FSLogix Containers

Too. Many. Times. That's how I am starting this article. And because I love bullets, here is some clarity on that statement: Too many times I have seen environments fall on their heads due to bad profile management decisionsToo many times have situations arisen that simply did not need to happenToo many times has the... Continue Reading →

Citrix Session Management Policies

Session management and timeout policies in Citrix platforms are often a point of confusion and head scratching. This has extended out slightly to Azure Virtual Desktop with the introduction of Windows 10 multi-session. This is a quick post around the options and configuration points for the different OS types. As a rule of thumb, when... Continue Reading →

Citrix MCS and Azure Ephemeral Disks

I wrote previously about Citrix MCS and Shared Image Galleries, with a focus being on the enablement of Ephemeral Disks in Microsoft Azure. Ephemeral disks are a massive addition to the MCS toolkit, potentially having some major impacts on Azure consumption and performance. What is an Ephemeral Disk For the most part, most machines in... Continue Reading →

Citrix MCS and Azure Shared Image Gallery

Citrix MCS is growing constantly in the Azure space, one of the new features made available quietly of late, is the ability to consume the Azure Shared Image Gallery for storing images. The Azure Shared Image Gallery, or SIG for short offers several advantages associated with versioning and image replication, allowing you to version control... Continue Reading →

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