WEM Hydration Kit Addition – Shell Folders

WEM Hydration Kit Addition – Shell Folders

Shell folders module for the WEM hydration kit


Sometimes its nice to be selective - I want things to turn up in certain places for certain users at certain times based on certain conditions - that’s why WEM and I get along so well.

I have put together a quick module for the hydration kit which allows you to get a little funky with select common shell folder objects such as admin tools, certain Control Panel applets and common folders that I find handy.

It’s nothing major, the list is below:

  • Add Programs
  • Admin Tools
  • All Apps
  • Change Remove Programs
  • Control Panel
  • Installed Updates
  • Internet Explorer Cache
  • Internet Explorer Cookies
  • Libraries
  • Network Connections
  • Printers
  • Recent

As always, the kit has been split into a separate module that you can import, along with the master branch containing the updates.


Hopefully it helps, download is as always here: WEM Hydration Kit