WEM Documentation Script Update

WEM Documentation Script Update

A small update to the WEM documentation script

A little while ago I put together a script (with the help of George Spiers) to help fill the lack of ability to Document a Citrix Workspace Environment Management deployment

George, was kind of enough to post this on his blog here, and the source code can be found here in my github repository

I am pleased to release an updated version of this script which now caters for the new AppLocker components integrated with the latest WEM 4.5 release. This functionality can now be included in your WEM documentation exports and put into whatever format you see fit

All future code releases will be found here

I am well aware that my PowerShell prowess is somewhat lacking, and I have some really good input coming along from other people far more skilled than I, but if anyone else wants to add to this or help move this into a more useful tool, please feel free