WEM Hydration Kit Addition – Shell Folders

Sometimes its nice to be selective – I want things to turn up in certain places for certain users at certain times based on certain conditions – that’s why WEM and I get along so well.

I have put together a quick module for the hydration kit which allows you to get a little funky with select common shell folder objects such as admin tools, certain Control Panel applets and common folders that I find handy.

It’s nothing major, the list is below:

  • Add Programs
  • Admin Tools
  • All Apps
  • Change Remove Programs
  • Control Panel
  • Installed Updates
  • Internet Explorer Cache
  • Internet Explorer Cookies
  • Libraries
  • Network Connections
  • Printers
  • Recent

As always, the kit has been split into a separate module that you can import, along with the master branch containing the updates

Hopefully it helps, download is as always here: WEM Hydration Kit


2 thoughts on “WEM Hydration Kit Addition – Shell Folders

Add yours

  1. Hello,
    Sorry I do not speak English.
    I am setting up WEM for our citrix environment (7.15 Xenapps). and I have a question for integrating your ”
    WEM Hydration Kit “when you integrate your script by default everything is activated or not, or can we install and activate them one by one?

    thank you in advance for your feedback



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