The “why does it…” of Citrix WEM Cache

Citrix Workspace Environment Management (WEM) has continually had challenges in non-persistent environments when dealing with WEM Cache management. Administrators and consultants have been struggling with consistency in WEM processing when the Cache is in play. If we take a trip down memory lane, it is important to revisit a couple of fundamentals about the WEM... Continue Reading →

Azure Site Recovery and MCS Provisioned Workloads

Azure Site Recovery (ASR) is Microsoft’s multi-faceted solution for performing services such as Disaster Recovery (DR), Business Continuity Planning (BCP) execution and migration services (these days primarily wrapped into the Azure Migrate service). When deploying dedicated/persistent machines on the Microsoft Azure platform, it is often desirable to protect these workloads via ASR, providing cross-region failover... Continue Reading →

Citrix WEM Documentation Script v2

WEM has offered a world of fun when it comes to environment management, however it introduces a black hole when it comes to documentation. Once your configuration is in WEM, it's almost impossible to document, and not the easiest to track for complex deployments. A while back I wrote a very rudimentary script that would... Continue Reading →

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